Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Like Talking A Brick Wall

Communicating with this guy is so hard. It's like he's talking a brick wall sometimes. This little 6" X 6" square sketch pad has been pretty cool so far. I've run almost completely out of cardboard which is kind of a bummer. I need some more free notepads so I can rip the backs off of them. I also think I might keep all of the drawings in this sketchbook and then try to sell the sketchbook... I've never tried to sell any of my artwork before. I've given a lot of it away, I've traded stuff for it, but I can't remember getting any actual money. I think I might try that. So, once it's all filled up I'll try to think of how much it might be worth. I'll start tagging these ones as 6x6. I think I pulled out a couple pages... So, there's like 2 missing or something out of there. There's 9 pages now. Someone should trade me a new Korg KP3 for it.

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