Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Only Want To Climb The Corporate Ladder So I Can Go Down The Slide

So, I drew on my sketchbook, then in my sketchbook and then on a bunch of my time cards. I've been drawing that chicken guy down there for years and years. He's always throwing up and/or drunk though, and I really hope that he gets his act together. He used to wear a tie, as if he thought that maybe one day he would get back to work and set his life straight but that's been missing in recent drawings. I can only assume that means he's hit a rough patch and perhaps feels no connection to the old chicken he once was, a hard working, feathered fowl, pecking his way up the corporate ladder. I hope you get your tie back one day buddy. Maybe I'll draw it on next time, just to help you get back on your feet and remind you there's still hope for an imaginary chicken that I made up. Or maybe I'm just tired of drawing ties. 

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