Monday, March 28, 2011

Track Pants, Leather Jacket, No Shirt. Welcome to the Future.

I drew this yesterday while avoiding finishing another, larger project. Sometimes I just don't feel like doing the part where I have to erase lines and clean stuff up. I was going to fill in the background, but then I decided to leave it "as is". Gold sharpie+gel pen+prismacolor black .005 pen on cardboard.

This was supposed to be my tour diary on this last West Coast tour, but I forgot the words and only ever drew this one thing. It was in a van that was moving, so it's all sloppy. Ballpoint pen and highlighter on notebook paper.

Another drawing I did while I was in the van. Slop city, but it's always interesting working with some sort of disadvantage like drawing in a moving vehicle. Pink gel pen+Prismacolor .01 black pen on cardboard with a hole in it.

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