Thursday, December 23, 2010

A History of Terrible Things Happening To Tom Hanks (In Photos)

I've been doing a lot of drawing, or it seems like I have been, but maybe I haven't. These two little things were just kind me screwing around. I have some other stuff done, but I sent it out to my family as xmas gifts and it seems rude to post a present on the internet before it's opened. I'll post that stuff in a couple days or so.

This one is a lot of orange. And pink. I like the way his face turned out, the rest is really sloppy compared to what I usually like to do, but I still like him, he seems like a solid dude. He'd probably loan you $5.00.

And now there's this. I don't know what to say. I drew this with my left hand. I'm right handed. I was really really stoned. It's a skeleton in a clown outfit swatting at planes and giving them the finger. The official state bird. The things in the bottom left are buildings. There's a radio antennae on top of one too. I think it probably gets amazing reception. Just look at it. How could it not?


  1. Left handed drawing = A+

    I draw with my left hand all the time and it kind of looks like that. That's what the right side of your brain is always thinking about.

  2. Thanks J-bawlz. It is ALWAYS thinking about that. Oh right brain, you so crazy.