Saturday, May 29, 2010

Some Other Stuff

Here are some other recent drawings I did. I like cardboard much more than paper recently. I don't believe it will hold up well over time, but neither will I. This is semi-unrelated but I think that's the funniest argument against tattoos. That they'll look bad when you're old. My entire body will look like shit when I'm old. Will I really care that I have a faded tattoo under all of those wrinkles? The one tattoo I have already looks shitty anyway. It was home done but I like it that way. It has more personality.

1. This guy was a weird thing. I hated him at first but he really grew on me. On the back of this is Keeley's address in Olympia. But she moved so it's no longer relevant. I named him Cardhoarse.

2. This is a flier that I made for the White Mice show @ 21 Grand (duh). I like how this turned out. I always struggle with lettering though and making things symmetrical is always something that escapes me. I ended up giving this to White Mice when they were done playing. They seemed to like it which made me happy. They're really nice dudes and their band rules. They also asked me to draw in their "Tour Bible". Their tour bible is just a regular bible that they've taken with them on tour for years and asked random interesting people and friends to draw in. At this point it's almost completely filled with some really amazing artwork that ranges from random scribbles and pot leaves to really awesome drawings of Jesus as a raver (Jesus Raves). There's also a lot of dicks in it. I thought about adding one to mine, but sometimes dicks get left out and that's just life. An important life lesson.

3. Another cardboard one. This one is maybe a little older than the rest but it's one of my favorites. I actually did this mostly at work, but I remembered to bring some art pens with me one day so it turned out good. Most of the other ones I did at work are with crappy gel pens and I can't get anywhere near the detail that I generally want. I ended up sending this one to my little brother with a CD or something for his birthday. He asked me for a drawing. He's becoming a pretty awesome artist himself too.

4. A series of older cardboard drawings. Done mostly at work with gel pens so they're a little smeary and not as finely detailed as my other stuff. I also get lost when I start and stop a drawing so many times.I lose a bunch of good ideas because the person I'm waiting to talk to actually picks up the phone. I seriously love being put on hold for this reason. I suggest it as much as possible to be honest. Yeah, it's fine if you put me on hold to check on that, please take your time, as much as you need.

Sorry about my writing. I don't know what I'm doing, I just ramble.

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